18 Toddler Parent Must Haves To Buy During Cyber Week

Popular items from this list:

  • The iconic Pottery Barn Anywhere chair for $30 off — it’s a perfect place for snapping cute pics of your baby
  • And/or a pack of wind-up turtle toys for 20% off that’ll “swim” across the tub
  • An inexpensive baby gate for 22% off featuring a pressure mount you’ll adore because you won’t have to drill holes into your walls

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Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

The iconic Pottery Barn Anywhere chair for $30 off

I absolutely adore our Anywhere chair. I used it for those dreaded (but adorable) monthly photos as my son went through his first year, but now as a toddler he just loves to sit in it! We recently moved it from the playroom into my husband’s office and he happily sits to “work” with dad in the late afternoons. It’s lightweight, holds its shape and is just really freakin’ cute.

And a pack of wind-up turtle toys for 20% off

My son has had these for a while now and they’ve become such a fun part of bath time. He loves snatching them out of the water while they’re still spinning and watching the little arms and legs go wild. They swim really fast! I personally like that they can be wound up with one hand (a gift to any parent, honestly). The water does drain out of them so I’ve had zero concerns of gross mold developing inside.

Promising review: “These made bath time so much fun! The 9-month-old absolutely loves the little splashes!” — Kaleb Webb

An inexpensive baby gate for 22% off

This gate is capable of expanding to fit openings between 29–34 and 35-38.5 inches wide. This gate will not fit an opening between 34–35 inches. It also stands 30 inches tall. Make sure to measure your opening before you buy to ensure proper fit.

I have two of these gates in my home and it has been absolutely essential to keeping my toddler contained/safe in my split level home. We have a lot of stairs, which is not ideal for a roaming toddler. It took my husband no time at all to put them up (shout out to the pressure mount feature) which was ideal. They’re very simple for adults to open, but despite my son’s best efforts he can’t seem to figure it out. Would also be great for pet owners!

Promising review:
Best gate I have ever owned. I have two small kids, a dog, and two cats. Plus lots of stairs. I have gone through so many gates in the last three years. Most broke over time or came loose. This gate is worth 20 stars. Amazing quality. It has stood the test of time! reliable, sturdy, easy to use, easy to install. The gate swings both ways! That’s a HUGE plus. I feel so secure having it knowing that there is no way my kids or dog can knock it down or get over it. It is tall too. Buy this one. Coming from the girl who is the queen of gates. This one is one-and-done. IF we need to purchase more gates in the future I will come straight back to this product and seller.” — L. Randall


A LeapFrog Build-a-Slice pizza cart for 20% off

I was planning to give this to my son for Christmas but got desperate for a way to keep him busy and broke it out sooner (oops). However, I have no regrets, because he absolutely loves this toy. It has so many sound effects and a bunch of lights that seem to amaze him. It even throws in a few words in Italian for kiddos to learn! It likely doesn’t hurt that he loves pizza more than anything else on this planet. Anyways, he also loves filling the pizza box with food and “delivering” it to anyone whose around and willing to play. It’s a fantastic toy I think we’ll all enjoy for a long time.

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A Little People Disney Princess toddler playset for 30% off

My son has a ton of Little People figures, so we were thrilled to get this castle as a gift. There’s zero discrimination — everyone from the Disney Princesses to construction workers and tractor drivers get to hang in Noah’s castle. There is literally zero set up (a parent’s dream!) so your kiddo can start playing immediately. Noah loves putting different characters at the top of the castle and pushing them in the tiny swing. The Princess details throughout the toy are so fun and adorable. We love this toy, simple as that.

Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

An absolutely incredible Samsung Bespoke Jet AI cordless stick vacuum for up to 21% off

As a shopping editor and a parent, I have tried out A LOT of vacuums. This one is definitely at the top of my list. It’s very lightweight, cleans beautifully, and holds a charge for up to 100 minutes. The “AI” feature makes it so when I move from one room to the next, the suction is immediately optimized for whichever flooring is in that room. It’s quite incredible to experience IRL. I absolutely love that I only have to click one button to get it going instead of holding a trigger for the duration of my cleaning sesh — a game changer. However, the feature that has truly amazed me is the all-in-one cleaning station. Once I dock the vacuum back in its little home, it promptly empties out ALL of the dust/debris/dirt into a separate container, so I don’t have to clean it out after each use. It’s a splurge, but it’s definitely worth it.

Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

A Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat for 25% off

We have this car seat for my toddler and it’s been spectacular. It was very easy to install (a huge bonus) and he’s really gotten a kick out of having his own space to keep a snack and a drink when we’re in the car. The harness doesn’t fight me when I load my son into the car and the seat itself feels very cushy. This car seat is actually designed to last your child for 10 years — which is fantastic! It has a machine washable cover I was very glad to have after my kid jumped in a muddy puddle and promptly wiped his feet all over it — all the stains came right out! Don’t sleep on this car seat, especially when it’s this discounted.

Promising review: “I bought this as my son was growing out of his infant car seat and needed more room. He can sit comfortably. I love that it has cup holders for his silly cup and snack cup. He can easy reach both when he’s strapped. I love how it can adjust to any car and the recline options. And cleanup is so easy! I love how easily it is to take off the covering and put it back on once clean!” — Nicole Cameron


A custom blanket for 20% off from BaubleBar

My son Noah has had one of these since birth, now that he’s a full-blown toddler we’re still using it and loving it! It’s lightweight but heavy enough to keep him as toasty as needed. I adore the many patterns BaubleBar offers (we have the Wild Child print which, in hindsight, was an excellent choice for my child). I’ve given two as gifts because I love them so much!

Get the “Wild Child” style from BaubleBar for $62.40+ (originally $78; available in three sizes and tons of styles).


A full set of dining essentials that’s 25% off

We adore these Lalo products in our home! They’re super easy to clean, my son has had no issues learning how to use them all on his own, and the suction abilities make it a tiny bit harder for him to attempt to pick up his plate and toss it (yay, haha). It’s convenient that it all comes in one set and I love that there are so many colors available to choose from!

Janie and Jack

A variety of styles from Janie and Jack for up to 70% off

I absolutely adore this brand. My son is literally wearing a sweater from Janie and Jack as I write this post this very moment on Thanksgiving (pictured right). I always put him in outfits from here for special events, so I try to stock up whenever they have a sale. NOW IS THE TIME, FRIENDS!

Get the Fair Isle sweater for $18.88 (originally $64; available in kid sizes 6–18M; some sizes are sold out).

Pottery Barn Kids

A set of Rifle Paper Co. x Pottery Barn Kids crib sheets

I have a handful of these sheets — their seasonal ones are too fun to pass up! They stay nice and secure on my toddler’s crib mattress and just look took cute in his room. I’m a fan, to say the least.

Get them from Pottery Barn Kids for $23 (originally $39; also available in a pack of two).

Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

A sandwich cutter and sealer for 50% off

I took the plunge and ordered this lil’ kit and it was SO easy to use. My first attempt (pictured above) took literally two seconds to do. My bread was on the smaller side, but it still produced a perfect crust-less PB&J! I’ve since used it to make lunch for my toddler — not because he doesn’t like crusts, but because it’s an easier size for his tiny hands to grasp. Big fan.
Promising review:These have been a GAME CHANGER in this house!! My son has always begged me for Uncrustables but my wallet didn’t agree with them. I LOVE being able to make them at home and customize them to exactly what they would like them filled with! I make two weeks’ worth of sandwiches at a time and store them in sandwich bags in the freezer so in the morning during the school year we can just grab and go! Love them!” — Katherine Smaczniak

Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

50% off everything from Old Navy

I would say about 50% of my toddler’s wardrobe is from Old Navy — you simply cannot go wrong! I love buying him tiny flannels (including the Evermore flannel, Swifities will know) and all kinds of basics. I’m definitely going to use this sale to stock up on some items for my daughter (arriving in spring 2024) as well.


Outlet covers for 20% off with a hidden pull handle

We have these in our home and they’ve been fantastic — honestly they’re so efficient I felt like I struggled to figure out how to take them out as an adult. My son literally still tries to pull on them (he’s a wild little thing) but they don’t budge! One pack (which comes with 45 plug covers) was more than enough to baby proof our home.

Promising review: “I purchased these specifically because I’ve had the regular type and get tired of breaking my nails trying to get them out. Plus, a toddler is watching how you do it, so these are a bit more stealth if you cover your hand while flipping out the handle.” — Fair Comprehensive Reviews

Tie-dye crocs for kids for up to 44% off

Crocs are an absolute must-have for a toddler. My son has a wide foot (no, actually, we got him measured) but has no issue fitting into standard sizes Crocs. They’re great for when you want to just head outside for a little or run a quick errand. He’s played on various playgrounds in them as well and they stay right in place.

And if you want to match like in this cuter-than-cute photo, you can get tie-dye Crocs in adult sizes for up to 51% off!

Promising review: “I love these little shoes. They baby walks around looking at his feet, he just loves them. He doesn’t take them off and appears to be very comfortable in them. Bright cheerful colors, with excellent traction on the bottom. Well worth the money! I even ordered another pair in the next size up.” — Cindy Adkins

A pack of corner guards for 21% off

If you have a toddler who is on-the-move, you need these. No question. These are way better than other versions I’ve had that my toddler would just rip right off of the furniture (fun!). These are gooey, stick really well, and will actually stay in place to protect your kiddo’s precious little head from any bumps.

Promising review: “These are honestly the best corner protectors we have tried! We’ve had a few others in our house and they are constantly falling off because they lost their sticky or our daughter pulls them off because they are huge and they catch her eye, and they are just not pretty to look at. But these are so small and clear, you don’t even notice they are there (so our daughter doesn’t even try to pull them off) they stick very well, and have already protected her little head from hitting a corner. I’m not sure how they will peel off, since we haven’t tried yet, but so far so good!” — E3232


A Ruggable machine-washable rug for 25% off

I actually have a Ruggable rug in my child’s room — which I like to think was a very smart decision on my part. I’m not sure how or why his floor is constantly filthy, but I do know I’m happy to be able to strip the rug and pop it right into the wash for cleaning.

Promising review: “Love it so much for my baby’s room!” — Christina

A universal cup holder for 24% off

Ryan & Rose is a family-owned small business that creates stylish accessories parents will love. Reviewers also love adding this cup holder to other objects like their spin bikes, beach chairs, shopping carts, and more. I picked up one of these and attached it to my son’s Doona Liki Trike (which has no cup holder or pockets). I use it to hold my wallet and keys whenever we go for a walk around the neighborhood — it’s great!

Promising review: “I am obsessed with these holders! I have a huge stroller that a conventional cupholder won’t work on, the Ryan And Rose Cutie Holder is perfect! I am actually order a second one that I can use to hold to hold my cellphone! The uses are endless! Stock up when you can!” — ShopTillYouDrop

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