What are relationship cold plunges? How can they improve a relationship?

Relationship cold plunges denote the difficult conversations and the difficult choices we make all the while coming out of the comfort zone to ensure that the health of the relationship stays good. “The health of our relationships is so much more important than we think. So much so that not having good, supportive bonds is one of the main determinants of poor health outcomes. Our immune system doesn’t function as well so we’re more likely to get sick and we’re more likely to stay sick as recovery time is extended,” wrote Therapist Maria G Sosa. Here are a few relationships cold plunges shared by the expert.

What are relationship cold plunges? How can they improve a relationship?(Unsplash)

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Talking it out: Communication forms one of the foundation blocks of a healthy and safe relationship. When things go wrong, instead of brushing it under the rug and pretending everything is fine, we should talk it out.

Passive aggressiveness: Most relationships break off and the health of the relationship gets ruined because of our ways of expressing difficult emotions. Instead of being passive aggressive, we should schedule a time and have a healthy conversation.

Transparency: In case things do not work out for us, we should be more transparent with them and let them know our thoughts instead of ghosting them or slowly drifting apart.

Elephant in the room: Emotional connection and intimacy are important in a relationship. In case intimacy is affected in the relationship, we should address it immediately.

Setting boundaries: All healthy relationships have their own boundaries. Each person in a relationship should set boundaries to maintain their emotional and mental sanity.

Being vulnerable: Vulnerability is important in a relationship. We should learn to be emotionally vulnerable as well as create a healthy space for the other person to also share their emotions without the fear of being judged. Our needs, wants and expectations should be put forward to create more clarity in the relationship.

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