5 Best sites to Buy YouTube Likes (Fast, Real & Cheap)

Are you thinking about buying likes for your Youtube videos?

…But you don’t where to buy them from?

You came to the right place.

We tested over 23 sites and listed to 5 best websites below.

The 5 sites on this list are safe, secure, and affordable.

Let’s take a look at what they offer. We have rated them out of 10, highlighted their features and overall quality.

5 Best sites to Buy YouTube Likes

Here are the 5 best sites to buy Youtube likes (tested and audited):

1. UseViral

Buy Youtube Likes from UseViral.com

Score: 9.5/10

You can buy real YouTube likes from UseViral.com.

They have a huge network of users that will give you real likes on your videos, and they offer fast delivery and fast customer support.

You can also Buy YouTube Views.

They also sell followers on other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. UseViral has been featured in magazines like Forbes, Chicoer and HuffPost for their great service.


For more info. visit UseViral.com.

2. SidesMedia.com

Buy Youtube Likes from SidesMedia.com

Score: 9.3/10

The next site on my list is SidesMedia.com.

When looking for a reliable YouTube likes provider, you won’t find many companies that can top the excellent service and quality that SidesMedia offers.

SidesMedia has been working on providing top quality services for years, and you can now grow 8 social media networks through their company, including YouTube.

They’ve built a network of over 5000 partners that work to get you real YouTube likes.

This website was featured in many blogs like Outlook India, Startup Info, and Monterey Herald.

You can choose how many YouTube likes you want to buy, and they will be delivered with a natural delivery method that keeps your account safe. In addition, you’ll also enjoy a secure website as well as secure payment methods.

For more info, visit SidesMedia.com.

3. Growthoid.com

Buy YouTube Likes from Growthoid

Score: 9.1/10

Coming in on third is Growthoid.com.

Growthoid has had a outstanding reputation for proving high-quality engagement and when it comes to likes they don’t let you down.

Growthoid’s been serving customers since 2014 and have been able to perfect their service throughout this time and have unmatched results when it comes to YouTube likes.

When you purchase likes from Growthoid they have the ability for you to spread them over time and drip-across multiple uploads. This makes it a great choice for your campaigns.

Shop for more info, visit Growthoid.com.

4. Tokupgrade

Score: 7.9/10

Tokupgrade is a provider of all things YouTube, and you can buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers from their quick and genuine service.

Their YouTube engagements are all real and of high quality, so you won’t have to worry about them dropping off of your account, and they are delivered in a way that keeps your account looking natural.

Tokupgrade will never ask for your password and you’ll have plenty of budget-friendly options that can work for all of your YouTube needs. For more info, visit stormviews.

5. Twesocial

Score: 7.8/10

With a user-friendly website that allows you to select the exact number of YouTube likes you want to buy with a sliding selector, Twesocial.com is our final reputable option for buying YouTube likes and other engagements.

They have versatile options for all YouTube needs and they also offer a lifetime warranty for all of their packages, so your purchase is always protected. FollowersUp offers great customer service and their website is totally secure.

You’ll love what Twesocial.com can do for your YouTube performance; you can also grow a variety of other social media networks with FollowersUp.

How to buy YouTube likes (Quick, easy guide)

Now that we know more about the top YouTube companies from which to buy YouTube likes, views, and more, let’s see what the criteria is for deciding whether or not a company is reputable enough to buy from.

There are six elements that you should be aware of and always look for when you are deciding which company to buy from. If you’ve seen a company out there and are wondering if they’re legit, you can use this information to make a final decision.

All of the sites we listed above align with this criteria, but if you come across other sites and need some guidance, always keep an eye out for these 6 factors.

Secure Site with Secure Payments

The site that you buy from should, without a doubt, be secure with secure payment gateways.

If the site is not secured with the lock next to the web address, the services are potentially dangerous and can put your personal information and device at risk of being hacked or jeopardized.

What’s more, it won’t keep your payment information safe, which is a big problem for your data and sensitive information. While most sites don’t ask for a whole lot of personal information to provide YouTube services, you don’t want to be vulnerable to attack.

If you notice that the site isn’t secure, leave it immediately so that you can minimize your risk and keep yourself safe.

In addition, keep a close eye out for what type of payments they offer and how they take your payment. You don’t want your payment info to be stored or hacked into later, so these safety features are really important in ensuring you don’t lose any of your personal or financial data.

No Password Required

In order to provide YouTube services when you buy packaged likes or other engagements, a company will never need to know your password. These services are on a one-time basis and don’t require any action from your account, so a password is unnecessary.

The only information that you should have to provide is your YouTube URL or specific video information, not any sensitive account information.

If you see a site that requires you to put in your personal info for YouTube, navigate away and don’t buy. They are trying to take advantage of your account in some way and this is something you want to avoid.

Always protect your password and if you’re making a one-time purchase for YouTube likes or any other social media service for that matter, don’t provide your password.

Some recurring services based on engagement might require your password, but all companies on our list and others like them should never need your password for one-time purchase delivery.

Safe Delivery Time Frames

Another important safety feature of these services is that they deliver your order in a secure time frame that looks natural and drips into your account.

While it’d be awesome to see your video all of a sudden have 5,000 likes, if they all appear at one time, that is suspicious. YouTube is aware of things like this, and your account will get flagged.

Any reputable company that sells YouTube likes and other social media services will use a natural “drip” method that disperses your order over the period of a few days depending on how many you buy.

Keep an eye open for these services; while immediate delivery may be tempting, you should always go for one that looks more natural.

Service Guarantee

When you purchase YouTube likes from a company, it’s important to know if they help to guarantee that product, or if they are not offering any level of support for your purchase.

You should always look closely at what type of service guarantee is offered; some companies will offer refills in case you happen to lose any views or followers or likes over time, and some also offer a guarantee for your purchase in terms of refund policies and satisfaction.

If you don’t know about what policies are in place for each company, you can be left disappointed and without support in case something doesn’t work or provide the results you expected.

Before making a decision, always look at the service guarantees and policies provided by the company. Most reputable companies offer some kind of guarantee to make sure you are satisfied and back their products and services.

High Retention Packages

When you buy likes on your YouTube uploads, if they are not real or high-quality, they are likely to be cleared out by YouTube, leaving you with what is essentially a wasted investment.

You should always check to see what type of likes are offered by the company and how they provide them. If they have little to no information about the quality of their service and methods of service, you probably want to stay away.

YouTube is hip to the practice of buying YouTube likes and other engagements, so when likes, views, comments, and more are determined to be fake, they will be cleaned by YouTube, effectively removing them from the profile.

This is a way for YouTube to uphold the integrity of their platform, so that means that you should always check to see what the situation is in terms of quality and how likely these likes are to stay on.

Responsive Customer Service

The worst thing would be that you have an issue with your service or need assistance and no one is around to help you. Before buying, always check out the service that the company offers in terms of customer support.

You can even send a test message and see how responsive the team is and how quickly and effectively they get back to you.

The hope is that you’d never have to use customer support, since that means the service worked well, but on the off chance that you’d need it, you want to make sure that they are there to help you.

Most reputable companies offer a 24/7 support team and relatively responsive email options.

Tips to get more YouTube likes (after you buy real Youtube likes)

In addition to buying YouTube likes from any of the providers listed above, you can use the following three pro tips to help you get more natural likes at the same time, increasing the amount of likes you are getting by two or three times.

While you can never guarantee that people will like your content, there are some things you can do to encourage them and promote liking your videos. Here are three top ways to get more likes on YouTube.

Provide Educational or Entertaining Content

In order for people to be compelled to like your content, it has to provide them with a lot of value. If they feel that it was beneficial or relevant to them and struck a chord with them personally, they’ll be more inclined to like it.

You can provide videos that are educational or nuanced about a specific topic, and that can lead people to find value and give you a like.

In addition, you can provide videos that are entertaining and relatable, and people will also like content that makes them laugh or truly helps them relieve stress.

The key is to give people something that they connect with and that they find valuable, and they will then want to give it a like because it helped them in some way.

Follow Viral Trends

On all social media networks, following trends and staying up-to-date with what is happening on the platform is important. People want to see relevant content and that’s going to perform better because people are looking for it.

If you know what types of videos and particular styles are trending on YouTube, you can tailor your videos to fit with the content and themes that are doing well on the platform. When you stay relevant, you’ll get more likes.

Not only will you get more likes, you’ll also get more views because people will be looking out for videos that are on trend and related to certain topics that they want to see. Don’t underestimate the power of trending videos on YouTube.

You can also keep your eye on hashtags in order to know which ones are performing well and that can not only help you to know how to shape your content but also which ones to use on your video descriptions.

Partner with other YouTubers

Each YouTuber has its own unique following and its own audience, so it’s valuable to have partnerships that can help you expand your audience reach and get more people viewing your content.

Even better, when you do partner videos or features with other YouTubers that have a larger audience, you can bring in more likes for your videos. Not only that, partner videos often perform better because of the fun and conversational nature.

You don’t have to partner with a famous YouTuber to make this strategy work; you can bring in any YouTuber from your niche and find interactive and creative ways to make collaborative videos. That way, you’ll get more viewers and get more likes at the same time.

YouTube has been growing in popularity steadily since its release, arriving at over 2 billion monthly active users. Due to this popularity, many people have taken to YouTube to monetize their efforts.

While money was not first involved on YouTube, it is now possible to make a good profit through videos and YouTubing, with some of the top earners raking in millions of dollars annually.

Of course, not everyone is looking to become a bonafide YouTuber, but even still, there is huge potential to gain more notoriety for your business, brand, or creative endeavor, and for this reason, people are looking to make their YouTube channel more credible.

It can be tough to get people to hit that little thumbs up button on YouTube and get yourself some more likes, and it takes a substantial amount of time and patience to do it naturally. Even after a lot of time, you may still have difficulty getting likes.

For this reason, people have sought to buy YouTube likes so that they can boost their credibility and popularity on YouTube, as having a lot of likes on any social media platform is always a good sign of successful content.

It’s possible to buy likes, but it is increasingly difficult due to the sheer number of companies out there trying to make a profit no matter how low quality their product actually is.

When you buy fake likes on YouTube, you won’t see many benefits, and it’s critical that you look closely at what companies actually offer you so that you can increase your chances of buying YouTube likes safely.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Why buying YouTube likes can help you
  • The top 5 sites to buy YouTube likes safely
  • How to buy real YouTube likes
  • 3 pro tips to get more YouTube likes consistently

Once you finish reading, hopefully, you will feel comfortable and confident in your efforts to buy and get more natural YouTube likes. Let’s get started!

Why buy YouTube likes?

There are plenty of benefits to buying YouTube likes. As we mentioned above, getting your own YouTube subscribers can be a tedious process which sometimes results in few likes at all.

Because of the challenging nature of likes on YouTube, buying them already comes with an innate benefit.

When you buy YouTube likes, you are able to gain likes that perhaps you’d be unable to get before. Some users never like a single video even if they watch YouTube every day.

There are a few other reasons that buying YouTube likes can benefit you. Let’s take a look at those reasons.

Increase Social Cred

The most important thing about having more YouTube likes is that it gives you a level of social credibility that you’d otherwise lack if you didn’t have any likes.

If you have a video with a couple hundred or even thousands of views, if you have no likes, it will look less trustworthy or of a lower quality, since no one liked it. People will then be less inclined to like it, as people always follow the masses.

Even worse, if you have some dislikes and no likes, it can hurt you even more. On YouTube, you always want to have more likes than dislikes, so buying YouTube likes can help you ensure this happens and maintain a positive reputation and a steady Youtube growth.

When you have likes, people are more apt to trust you and believe in your content, which is exactly what you want, as it’s beneficial for your YouTube account and other social media profiles.

Boost Likes to Get More Likes

In addition to a better reputation, when you boost your YouTube likes, you are more likely to perpetuate additional likes. People want to follow trends and if they see that others have liked your video, they’ll feel good about doing the same.

If you have few to no likes, people will feel less inclined to like your content and they won’t engage with it at all. You want to have healthy engagement levels so that others become motivated to engage with your content.

When you buy YouTube likes, you’ll have more YouTube likes coming in, which promotes healthy levels of engagement.

Better Performance on the YouTube algorithm

YouTube has very powerful algorithms, and 70% of all videos watched come from the “recommended” section that the algorithm sets up for each user based on their history as well as the performance of videos on the platform.

If you don’t have good levels of engagement on YouTube such as likes, comments, shares, and views, you’re unlikely to do well in terms of the algorithm, limiting your reach and decreasing the chances of people viewing your videos.

Buying likes for YouTube can help you perform better against the YouTube algorithm and gain your videos more natural reach, increasing the chances of people viewing them, and therefore liking and commenting, gaining you more engagement on a regular basis.

Having more YouTube likes can help you get the key performance in terms of the YouTube algorithm that you need to pursue success on YouTube.

Since it’s important to buy real YouTube likes, you have to be very picky when choosing a company. We’re going to start out by giving you the top 5 companies that will provide you with real, safe results for buying YouTube likes.

After that, we’ll break down the key characteristics you should always keep an eye out for when reviewing sites from which to buy YouTube likes or other engagements. That way, you’ll always make a good choice and you won’t throw your money away on a bad product.

About The Author: Antonio Lane is a tech entrepreneur who is passionate about marketing. He has helped hundreds of companies succeed on social networks.

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