Biosimilars May Save Money — But What About Out-of-Pockets? How Diverse Skills Can Drive Success in Biotech & more

How Diverse Skills Can Drive Success in Biotech

In this Pharmaceutical Executive video interview, Chris Martin, Chief Commercial Officer, Verona Pharma, discusses which skills or experiences he thinks are most valuable for team members tasked with launching a novel treatment in a competitive market.

Biosimilars May Save Money. But Have They Lowered Out-of-Pockets?

A recent study suggested biosimilars have failed to reduce patient out-of-pocket costs (OOP), but by other measures biosimilars have saved the healthcare system money and improved patient access. So, what conclusion should be drawn?

Warren Buffett Fears AI Has ‘Enormous Potential for Harm’

The Berkshire Hathaway CEO compares artificial intelligence to the development of nuclear weaponry, even as the company begins to use it in some businesses.

OM1 Launches Three New Products Powered by Patented AI Platform to Expedite Delivery of Personalized Medicine

The company is introducing OM1 Orion, OM1 Lyra, and OM1 Polaris, aligning AI technology and real-world data to offer unprecedented insights into the patient journey and further patient outcomes through prediction, precision, and discovery.

WebMD on X:

In recent weeks, COVID-19 forecasters have reported on a new set of variants picked up in wastewater surveillance. Nicknamed FLiRT, they’re threatening to cause a new wave of COVID infections, which recently bottomed out after spiking in December.

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