Common things that might scare an avoidant attached person

In a relationship, the partners attach themselves based on their attachment style. Each person has their own attachment style, and understanding the styles helps us to understand the person and the patterns of the relationship better. In the case of an avoidant attached person, they may face difficulties in developing emotional connections and intimacy right away. They struggle with emotional vulnerability and have a difficult time opening themselves and becoming more emotionally available. Sometimes some relationship events can scare an avoidant attached person. Personal Coach Annalisa Bahadur addressed this and shared a few common incidents that can make an avoidant attached person uncomfortable.

Common things that might scare an avoidant attached person(Unsplash)

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Intense emotional intimacy: When the partner wants to establish an intense emotional connection, it may scare an avoidant attached person. They take time to get easy into the relationship and grow emotional connection and intimacy.

Commitment and long-term plans: While it is important to get clarity on where the relationship is headed, a discussion on the long-term plans and commitment can scare an avoidant attached person. They fear that they will lose their independence and will not be able to manage their responsibilities up to expectations.

Feeling suffocated or trapped: Space is extremely important for an avoidant attached person. They like to do things independently and love their alone time. When they feel that they are being encroached on by their partner, it may disturb them.

Conflict and confrontation: An avoidant attached person may withdraw from a difficult conversation or an argument when they feel pressurised into talking. They are more open in a conversation when they feel free.

High levels of dependency: An avoidant attached person may distance themselves when they feel that their partner is extremely dependent on them. It is best to create a personal space and have hobbies, rather than depending on a partner all the time in a relationship.

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