Easy Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

As Diwali approaches, it’s a time to decorate our homes and give them a fresh new look. There’s nothing more welcoming than a cosy ambiance, a few flowers and of course lights. To get you started, we’ve gathered a few easy home decoration ideas that will take your Diwali decor to the next level.

From a rustic-looking metallic look to a glimmering fairy light display, these are the best ways to deck out your house for this festive season.

1. Decorative lanterns: A cosy and visually appealing way to deck out your home this Diwali is by hanging lanterns over your furniture or balcony. These lanterns are available in a variety of shapes and colours, and can be placed over candles or diyas to create a magical effect.

2. Candles and diyas: Nothing spells Diwali more than a bunch of candles or decorated diyas. You can place them in various vessels such as glass vases or urns for a stunning illuminating effect or even decorate them with petals and flowers for an additional element of beauty. This will also make for a lovely centerpiece for your coffee table or the dining room table.

3. Line up garlands: The perfect way to add a touch of colour to your home this diwali home decoration is by lining up some pretty flower garlands. You can either go for a bright peacock option like this or choose to stick with classic orange-gold marigolds. Adding these to your walls and doors will instantly kickstart your festive mood.

Easy Diwali Home Decoration Ideas

4. Flower rangolis: Adding floral rangolis to your entrance is a quintessential part of any Diwali celebration in Indian homes. These can be made with flower petals, coloured powders or rice paste. They are meant to welcome good luck into your home.

5. Ganesha wall hangings: Another easy and creative way to adorn your home for Diwali is by adding some festive ganesha wall hangings. These come in a variety of designs and colours, making it easy to find one that will match your existing décor.

6. Personalized plates: The perfect addition to your Diwali feast is a set of personalised serving plates that can be used for sweets and bites like kaju katli and jalebi. They can be bought from online stores or you could easily make them yourself at home.

7. A traditional doorway toran: A toran is a great festive feature that can be created using a combination of flowers and lights. This way you can create a beautiful feature at your front door that will instantly make your guests feel welcomed.

Diwali is a special occasion that brings with it a sense of excitement and joy. It’s important to thoroughly clean your home before you start decorating it so that the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi can bless you with happiness and prosperity. Follow these simple DIY home decoration ideas to ensure that this Diwali is a memorable one for you and your family. Happy decorating!

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