Have you stopped showing up in your relationship? Here are the signs

Showing up is very important in any relationship. Be it family or romantic relationships or friendships, being able to count on each other and showing up for each other creates deeper bond and trust in a relationship. However, sometimes we start to withdraw from the relationship and break the connection. “There are many different ways in which you leave your relationship and break the connection. This can be caused by not knowing how to communicate and solve problems or having a partner who isn’t willing to join you in it,” wrote relationship Coach Marlena Tillhon. The expert further noted down a few ways by which we stop showing up in a relationship.

Have you stopped showing up in your relationship? Here are the signs(Pexels)

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Withdrawing and distancing: This can happen when we start to withdraw emotionally from the relationship. Not spending time with each other and not sharing our feelings can create a distance between the partners. Not paying attention to the emotions of the other person or putting in effort can also create more distance.

Lack of communication: Communication forms one of the foundation blocks of a healthy relationship. But when we stop communicating our feelings and bottle up the emotions, avoid difficult conversations and keep secrets, it can lead to more distance.

Emotionally detaching: Slowly withdrawing emotionally and pulling ourselves away from being vulnerable in a relationship can create a dent. This further leads to more detachment and distance.

Analysing the relationship: This is one of the mistakes that we make in a relationship that we end up analysing it and scrutinising it so much that we forget that a relationship is also meant to be felt emotionally.

Time-traveling: This happens when we are thriving for a certain stage in the relationship, and we do not enjoy the present situation. Either in our mind we are rushing to reach a certain stage, or we are worried about the relationship ending.

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