Inside The Titanic as photos show what life was like for guests | Cruise | Travel

Titanic was a record-breaking ship. When the ship left Southampton on her maiden voyage, she was the largest ship afloat with room for over 2,400 passengers and more than 850 crew members. 

The White Star Line’s Titanic had also been designed as the height of luxury for its passengers. First class guests had access to a gym, swimming pool, smoking rooms and even a Turkish bath. 

Titanic was supposed to have advanced safety features and had been described as “unsinkable”. Unfortunately, when the ship hit an iceberg on April 15, this was proved to be untrue. 

The tragedy saw around 1,500 people lose their lives and it remains one of the worst maritime disasters in history. On Titanic Remembrance Day, the world remembers those that died in the catastrophe. 

Although the shipwreck is located over 12,500 feet under the ocean off the coast of Newfoundland, photos and artefacts from the period give people a snapshot of what life was like for those on board The Titanic. 

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