Product Review – A Sensory Journey

There’s something about lavender. It invigorates you and instantly transports you mentally to lush fields in the hills. I have always been partial to the scent. It simply uplifts you.

So, when I came across Deep Slumber Body Milk and Body Cleanser from The Honest Tree by Boddess, it was a sensory journey I didn’t want to miss. The fact that it has patchouli along with lavender lends it a slight muskiness, which I loved.

While the combo definitely leaves you feeling rejuvenated enough to conquer the day, I suggest using it at night just before going to bed. Both the body milk and the cleanser encourage deep relaxation and soothe the senses—something we all aspire for after a hectic day, especially in these summer months.

It feels like the stress is just melting away and you are wrapped up in comfort. The skin feels squeaky clean, nourished and smooth. The price is also extremely affordable.

Deep Slumber Body Milk Price: Rs 479

Deep Slumber Body Cleanser Price: Rs 479


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