PURR is Out in Paperback Today

Today is the publication date for the paperback of Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy

By Zazie Todd, PhD

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Today is the publication day for the paperback edition of Purr: The Science of Making Your Cat Happy. Purr has a foreword by Pam Johnson-Bennett and is published by Greystone Books.

I’m thrilled that Purr is now available in paperback. I also feel incredibly lucky that Purr in hardback is a BC bestseller and has been so well-received.

My aim, in writing Purr, is to help you have a happier cat–and therefore a better relationship with your cat. Purr covers the science of how to care for your cat throughout their whole life, with tips on how to apply the science at home at the end of every chapter. You’ll also find a checklist for a happy cat, and training plans to teach your cat to like their carrier and do a cute trick.

Here’s what people are saying about Purr:

“If you know a cat owner who is having difficulties with their cat, give them this book. It will help them and their cat.”–Celia Haddon, Salisbury Review.

“Founded in science and fueled by a clear passion for cats and their welfare, Purr covers all the essentials to ensure we are raising our cats right. From adoption to senior care, this book challenges the status quo.”–Ingrid Johnson, certified cat behavior consultant and founder of Fundamentally Feline. 

A comic tabby cat lies on his back in a cardboard box, with a copy of Purr above. The text is quoted above.

Publication day is a humbling experience. So many people contribute to making a book into a reality, from my amazing (and amazingly supportive) agent, Fiona, my incredible (and thoughtful) editor, Lucy, the cover designer Belle (isn’t it a beautiful cover?!), a wonderful marketing and publicity team (special thanks to Megan and Makenzie, but also to Corina, Emily, Fiona, and all of you) and so many, many people at my publisher, and of course you, dear reader. Thank you to you all. 

Here’s to many happy cats around the world!!

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