Signs that you may have outgrown relationships or situations around you

Sometimes we may feel that we are outgrowing the relationships that we are a part of. Same happens for us with situations and our surroundings that we are in. This happens when we change at a pace that cannot match the pace pf the relationships and the surroundings that we are in. “Outgrowing relationships and environments often have a bad or icky feeling to them – instead of one of gratitude – that you are constantly evolving as a person. That some situations serve you once and not at another time. We live in a society that tells us to suck it up or stay in situations where we are unhappy, to spare hurting feelings. But this only really hurts one person … you. So, remember, it’s okay to outgrow, change, and evolve. And with that, to show appreciation for the spaces and people who brought you to where you are,” wrote Therapist Divya Robin. The expert further noted down a few signs that denote that we have outgrown certain situations and relationships.

Signs that you may have outgrown relationships or situations around you(Unsplash)

Less excitement: We may start to feel that we are not having a deep connection with the relationships that used to excite us earlier. The sense of less or no engagement is a major sign.

Regret: After spending time in a certain situation or with someone, we may start to regret spending time with them. That helps us to understand that we are not satisfied.

A shift: We feel the urge to shift the way we devote our energy and time. It may include things that are new to us and make us feel more excited than the existing relationships.

A lack of purpose: We may feel a sense of no drive or purpose to engage with existing situations and relationships.

Wishing for a different life: When we start to wish for a different life with different circumstances and people around us, we should know that it is a sign that we have outgrown our existing situations.

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