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‌Ever dreamed of leaving the UK and moving abroad? New research from the Expat Insider City Ranking has named the European city with the world’s best quality of life.

There are a lot of important factors to consider before making the decision to relocate overseas. To determine which city offered the best quality of life, expats were asked to rank their homes based on environment, climate, healthcare, leisure options, safety and travel.

The gorgeous Spanish city of Valencia came out on top with the best quality of life for British expats in the world.

Valencia scored highly for transport, healthcare, safety and environment, and climate, making it a worthy winner on quality of life.

An American expat said: “I love the relaxed lifestyle, the easy and economical travel opportunities, the weather, my good friends, and the healthcare.”

A whopping 97 percent of expats said they found it easy and safe to get around the city on foot or by bike.

Nine in 10 expats also loved the city’s sunny climate and the urban environment also ranked positively.

Valencia has one of Europe’s quirkiest parks, the Turia Park, which stretches 30km in the former basin of the Turia River.

Safety is a primary concern for the majority of expats and Valencia was one of the safest cities ranked, with 94 percent of expats saying they felt safe living there.

Expats also felt they could express their opinion freely in Valencia with 86 percent saying they could be open about their thoughts compared to 65 percent globally.

Spain dominated the quality of life rankings with Malaga and Madrid close behind. Expats loved Malaga’s climate while Madrid scored highly for food and safety.

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