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Located in the Alta Ribagorça region, in the Catalan Pyrenees, Taull is a beautiful small town, and a favourite winter destination among Catalans. The Spanish Pyrenees extend across the Spain-France border and include the Spanish regions of Navarra, Aragon and Catalonia.

Taull has its own ski resort, Boi Taull Resort, but it’s not as crowded as other popular winter locations in Spain, such as Baqueira or Andorra. The charming village is known to have the most stunning architecture in the Pyrenees and breathtaking views. 

Boi Taull is a UNESCO Natural and Cultural Heritage area due to its pretty Romanesque churches of Sant Climent and Santa Maria of Taüll, and its incredible National Park, Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici. 

However, one of the best things about the region is that it can also be visited during the summer months and it’s a very popular destination in June, July and August. Due to its mild climate, Spaniards looking to escape the Mediterranean heat, head to Boi Taull to enjoy the relaxing Catalan countryside.

On the travel blog atlifestylecrossroads, Anna who recently visited the area said: “The natural setting of Aiguestortes National Park is definitely one of the most beautiful landscapes in Spain. Since we were exploring the Pyrenees of Catalonia in October the trail was not crowded.”

The traveller continued: “The famous Romanesque Churches of Vall de Boi are an absolute must-stop while exploring the Pyrenees of Catalonia (it’s been on my Spain Bucket List for years).

“You will find nine unique churches from the 11th century, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Some of them are not open all year round, but all have something absolutely unique worth seeing.”

The beautiful region is three and a half hours away from Barcelona, with the closest airport being Barcelona-El Prat Airport, although having a car is a must to visit the area. Other gorgeous villages in the region are Boi, Barruera, Erill la Vall and El Pla de l’Ermita.

What to do in Boi Taull

Visit the Romanesque Churches

Boitaull explained: “The Romanesque Churches of Vall de Boí are exceptional for the concentration, in a limited space, of such a high number of churches in the same architectural style, conserved over time with few modifications that could have significantly altered their original concept.”

The most important churches are Sant Joan de Boí, Sant Climent de Taüll, Santa Maria de Taüll, Pla de l’Ermita, Santa Eulàlia d’Erill la Vall, and Sant Feliu de Barruera. 

Aigüestortes National Park

Some travellers described their visit to the World Heritage Site as a “wonderful experience”. On Tripadvisor, holidaymakers said that the National Park is a “stunning place to visit” in autumn, while others explained that it’s “unbelievably beautiful” in summer. Aiguestortes has 200 lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and so many different hiking routes. 

Theo, who recently went on an excursion there, explained: “We went on a day in early December. We choose the route of 1.5 hours one way to the lake. It was a great experience. The nature is beautiful. The mountains and brook are spectacular. We loved every minute of it.”

Ski at Boi Taull Resort

One of the highest resorts in the Pyrenees, Boi Taull, is the perfect place for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking without crowds. Visitors described it on Tripadvisor as a place with “good skiing, no lines and cheap ski passes”.

One traveller said: “We pretty much had the place to ourselves. Even when the resort is busy, no lift lines and the slopes are not badly crowded. Lift passes are much cheaper than Andorra or Baquiera Beret.”

Hiking and adventure sports

Boi Taull has so much to offer, from the most adventurous sports to the most fun family-friendly mountain activities. 

Holidaymakers can enjoy rafting, bungee jumping, canoeing, snowshoeing, mountain bike, but also e-bike guided tours, and horseriding for the little ones.

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