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Itching to book next year’s holiday? Unfortunately, the price of flights and hotels seems steeper than ever.

Shahab Siddiqui, founder of, said: “With the cost of living taking a toll on people’s budget and flight fares increasing by a staggering 20 percent, those hoping to get away on the cheap are concerned.

“Even so-called budget airlines are increasing prices, and combined with the cost of additional add-ons like luggage, booking a holiday can be excruciatingly expensive.”

However, despite rising costs, there’s no need to lose hope as there are a few tips and tricks Britons can use to find the best deal.

Shahab has shared his best tips for finding a bargain deal on flights for a last-minute winter holiday or next year’s summer break.

Shahab said: “Tuesday and Wednesday nights are the best times to book the cheapest flights, with midnight recommended as the right time to secure a top bargain.”

While this tip isn’t a guarantee, Brits might find prices are a little cheaper on a mid-week evening.

Many shoppers do their flight buying at the weekend when they have more time after the working time, which means prices tend to be more expensive then.

He added: “It’s not always just the budget airlines which provide the best prices, so search around to find which deal works best for you.”

Budget airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair may seem as though they’re the cheapest, but watch out for additional costs for baggage and seat selection.

It’s important to look at the whole cost, including extras, before booking a deal as it might not be quite as good as it seemed at first.

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