This Smart Bird Feeder Camera Is Up To 29% Off Right Now

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It’s very likely that you’ve seen those adorable and incredibly high-resolution bird videos while scrolling on TikTok or Facebook and it’s even more likely that they were captured with the Netvue Birdfy camera, an intelligent bird feeder system that’s essential for bird enthusiasts and currently up to 29% off its list price right now at Amazon.

Hidden inside this easy-to-install bird seed distributor is a 1080P high-resolution camera with night vision that streams a direct feed to your phone or other smart device so you can have a very close-up view (up to eight times magnification to be exact) of all the sky-bound wildlife in your area.

There’s tons of smart features, notably an AI system that automatically detects and indefinites over 6,000 bird species. And, if you’re not at home to enjoy the realtime bird viewing, the motion-detecting system, which can be managed and controlled through the accompanying app, will capture photos and videos automatically for you to view or store for later. You also have the option to add a memory card (sold separate) to transfer stored footage.

Additionally, there’s a two-way microphone built into the camera, which means you can ward off any ravenous squirrels or raccoons looking to eat all your birdseed.

In terms of charging and operation, the camera runs on Wi-Fi, but reviewers have said that the connectivity is pretty impressive and maintains a stable signal strength, even from 60 feet away. There are also two versions to choose from, both of which are on sale (at different discounts): The USB-rechargeable feeder or a solar-powered version, which users say can keep the camera running at 98% battery even on overcast days.

Gift this feeder to yourself or a loved one just in time for nicer weather at this steep discount or read the rave reviews from other happy birders.

Promising Amazon reviews:

A game changer for bird enthusiasts! I recently purchased the Netview Birdfy AI smart camera, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations in many ways. One aspect that truly impressed me was the camera’s WiFi connectivity. Even when placed at the far end of my yard, I experienced no issues with the signal strength. This allows me to capture those precious bird moments even from a distance, which is fantastic! The video quality is truly remarkable. The high-definition footage provides crystal-clear images, making it a joy to watch and document the visits from various avian species. Additionally, the filters designed to distinguish between birds, dogs, and people work seamlessly, ensuring that you won’t miss any important moments.” — James Rosen (This review has been edited for length. Read the full review.)

“I purchased this for my dad, he loves birdwatching and this was such an amazing gift for him! He loves this thing! He sends me little videos from this bird feeder all the time and I have to say it’s really cool! The camera is really clear and takes great video. It was easy enough for him to put together and get it working and hooked up, and if my dad can do that, anyone can!”Sasha story

“Bought this as a present for my wife, since we both like to watch birds. The system is easy to assemble and well made. After charging the camera battery and setting up camera with the App from the App Store (Apple or Droid), we used Apple for her iPad. The set up process was very easy probably easier for a phone only because you have to scan the code on the top of the camera in the feeder. Once you set up the app as you want it mount the feeder / put seed in feeder / turn on camera and wait for the birds to find it. Many different methods of mounting all attachments included. If you got the solar panel, that is easily mounted also. This unit has been in action for over two months and still plenty of charge (using solar panel) and lots of action. This is about as good as it gets for watching a outside feeder from you easy chair.” — Jimmy T

“I was impressed by how easy this was to get up and running. They have really thought of everything. I love/hate the notifications because we are getting so much action on this bird feeder. I love the clarity of the camera. The ease of filling it. The AI has been spot on. Highly recommend this as a gift to anyone who wants to see birds up close versus a distance in your favorite chair on the porch. I still like that but when it was 20 degrees out the other day. It was nice sitting by the fireplace and having a cup of coffee and still enjoying the birds.” — Joey Combs

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