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The travel blogger shared her favourite gifts for travel loving friends (Image: Getty Images)

When it comes to Christmas shopping for your travel-loving friends and family, it can be hard to decide what exactly to get them short of actually paying for their next flight. And while there are plenty of cheap deals on flights and holidays out there, treating loved ones to a holiday is a luxury that most of us can’t afford.

But, with airline luggage restrictions and hand luggage rules to contend with, you want to make sure that any items you buy for your friends and family will go to good use.

Luckily, travel expert Chloe Gunning, who runs the UK travel website WaderlustChloe and shared tips, tricks and insights into her jet-setting life on Instagram, has shared a few things that she assures your globe-trotting pals will make good use of.

From packing essentials to the gift of a good sleep while onboard a flight, Chloe says these five items will boost the travel experience for any friends and family who have big adventures planned for 2024. Or maybe you simply want to treat yourself.

Christmas presents in suitcase

You can opt for gifts that will help your friends organise their suitcase on their travels (Image: Getty Images)

The gift of the perfect hand luggage

One thing every traveller needs is a study hand luggage item, and a backpack is a great option as it can double up as an everyday bag while exploring a new destination. “I recommend the Osprey Sojourn Porter 30L backpack,” explained Chloe.

“This stylish and practical backpack is ideal for a long weekend away or as carry-on luggage. It has numerous pockets to organise belongings, a padded laptop sleeve and its unique ‘straightjacket protection’ means you can adapt the size of the bag as you go.

“With four colours to choose from, my favourite being Koseret Green, this is the ideal travel backpack.”

The bag retails for £160 on the Osprey website.

The gift of a good sleep

Whether it’s a night Uflight or a long-haul journey, getting a decent sleep onboard an aeroplane can be a difficult task with so many other people around you. But, arriving at your destination well-rested can make a world of difference. Luckily, Chloe has a tried and tested solution to blocking out any unwanted surrounding noise that might otherwise keep you awake.

She recommended using the Jabra Elite 8 Active headphones, which claim to be waterproof, dust-proof and, ultimately, block out any external noise. “From screaming babies on planes, to noisy hotels, these noise-cancelling earbuds are some of the best around,” Chloe told “They’re also waterproof, sweat-proof, dust-proof and drop-resistant, making them the perfect gift for active travellers.”

The headphones retail for £163.99 on Amazon.

The gift of no more bug bites

Depending on where in the world you go, bug bites can be an inevitability.“Mosquito bites can really take the enjoyment away from more exotic trips,” said Chloe.

But, the travel blogger has a clever gadget up her sleeve that can help to put a stop to unwanted itching, and it can make for a quirky stocking stuffer. The BiteAway Pen uses heat to help soothe the annoying itching of insect bites. Chloe continued: “This nifty electronic device uses heat technology to zap the bites. When you press the button, the ceramic tip of the device heats up to 51 degrees. One zap and the itch will reduce in seconds.”

The BiteAway Pen retails for £29.99 on Amazon.

The gift of an organised suitcase

Packing cubes are a must-have when it comes to organising your suitcase, and they can even help you avoid excess luggage fees by squeezing as much as possible into a smaller bag.

In fact, they’re so good even flight attendants recommend them. One trainee flight attendant explained: “I bought myself some packing cubes a few years ago when I was doing some solo travelling and they are the bomb. I didn’t get crazy fancy ones but let me tell you, these have served me very well and I have yet to rip, bust, or otherwise damage one in any way, and I’m a total klutz so that’s saying something.

“Really helps with efficient packing or organising, plus if your bag somehow pops open your clothes and stuff don’t end up like confetti on the ground wherever you are.” [SIC]

And, they’re an item that seasoned traveller Chloe doesn’t jet off without either. Her favourites are the Peak Design Compression Packing Cubes.

“There’s no better way to organise your luggage than with a set of packing cubes,” she said. “One for underwear, one for tops, one for bottoms. Finding items on the go will be simple.

“These packing cubes have a special zip-around compression function so you can squeeze more items in your case. They’re sustainable too, made from 100 percent recycled shell fabric.”

The Peak Design Compression Packing Cubes retail for £39.99 on Amazon.

The gift of the poolside snaps

Have you ever dreamed of those perfect snaps in the swimming pool or while snorkelling on holiday? Well, Chloe has discovered a clever gadget that can keep your phone safe even when beneath the waves. And what better gift to give your travelling friends?

“The ultimate phone protector, the OtterBox Life Proof FRE phone case will protect your device from pretty much anything,” explained Chloe.

“The best part? It’s waterproof! From underwater selfies in the pool to close-ups of tropical fish, you’ll be able to capture content wherever you are.”

The OtterBox Life Proof FRE phone case retails from £79.99.

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