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The travel excursion company Desert Safari Dubai Tours has shared a new study looking at the most in-demand holiday destinations for UK tourists.

Analysing Google searches, the company was able to see where holidaymakers are interested in booking a flight to, or simply learning more about.

Magdalena Petrusic, a travel expert from Desert Safari Dubai Tours, noted that the ideal destination for Brits has a hot climate whilst not being too far away.

She explained: “It’s interesting to note how many of these destinations are located in Europe, and some are a relative stone’s throw away, which highlights the demand the UK has for warmer weather, and how people don’t want to go far for it.

“While many destinations worldwide may have affordable accommodation, the cost of flights makes the difference in decision-making when booking holidays, and it can often be a better option for a short-haul flight away.”

According to Desert Safari Dubai Tours, the most searched-for destination for UK tourists is Amsterdam, with over 57,500 Brits typically searching the city on Google each month.

Famed for its laid-back lifestyle, many visitors to the Dutch capital enjoy a ride along the canals that run through the centre and underneath some 1,200 canals.

The city is also home to a number of museums and former homes that celebrate the life and legacy of famous inhabitants, including Anne Frank and Van Gogh.

The study also found that Dubai was another popular choice with holidaymakers from the UK, with around 52,500 searching for it each month.

Whilst the seven-hour flight is much longer than some of the other destinations on the list, many visitors believe it is worth it for the much warmer climate, reaching up to 41 degrees in the summer.

In addition, the United Arab Emirates’ largest city features a number of top attractions, with many travellers going to see the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

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